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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Veterinary Physiotherapists work under the Veterinary Surgeons act which ensures physiotherapy is suitable for your animal and no medical treatments are required prior to the appointment. You can contact us directly to talk through the process or take the veterinary referral form straight to your vet to get signed then email it to us 

Do I need to speak to my vet before booking?

How long will the session last?

Initial sessions will last approximately 1 hour (maybe up to 1.5 hours for equine clients) with follow up appointments 45 minutes. Initial sessions are longer due to taking clinical history and allowing your animal to acclimatise to the physiotherapist

Does my animal need to be clean/ dry?

Yes, certain treatments such as massage and various electrotherapies may be ineffective if the coat is wet or dirty

Is physiotherapy covered by my insurance?

Many insurance providers will cover complementary therapies including physiotherapy, however you will need to check your individual policy

What should I expect of my animal post-session?

Your animal may experience tiredness immediately after the session so will need to relax. They may drink more water so ensure they have access to this. Dependent upon treatment intensity, working animals may need 1-2 days off work

What should I expect on the first appointment?

The appointment will start with you telling us about your animal and any clinical history. Whilst this is happening your pet can acclimatise to the physiotherapist. Next a static and dynamic assessment will be conducted evaluating your animals posture and movement. Range of motion and palpation will be used next to assess joints and soft tissues. Once the assessment is done, specific treatments will be conducted based on their individual requirements. After treatment is finished, an appropriate home exercise plan is formulated for your pet, all of which will be discussed and demonstrated 

How can I pay for the physiotherapy session?

You are able to pay cash, bank transfer or cheque

How can I book a session?

You can contact us via phone, social media or website

What if I cannot make the booked session?

Please contact us so we can reschedule the appointment. If less than 24 hours notice is given, unfortunately you will be liable for the full treatment fee

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